domingo, octubre 28, 2007

Neurociencia, Psicología, Neuroeconomía, Marketing y decisiones sociales

No es casualidad que estos sean los temas del último número (volumen 26 – Octubre 2007) de la prestigiosa revista Science, edición On line.

Special Online Collection:

In the 26 October 2007 issue, Science and its online companion Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE) examine the processes and structures that underlie decision-making -- from cellular choices to major life-changing decisions. Review articles in Science discuss the role of the frontopolar cortex in human cognition, a neuroeconomic approach to the study of social decision-making, the decision-making dysfunctions associated with psychiatric disorders, and advances in decision theory. In STKE, two Perspectives look at decision-making at the cellular level from the decision of a progenitor to become a neuron or a glial cell to the influence of potassium channels on cell metabolism and excitability.


Decisions, Decisions...
Peter Stern

Anterior Prefrontal Function and the Limits of Human Decision-Making
Etienne Koechlin, Alexandre Hyafil
Social Decision-Making: Insights from Game Theory and Neuroscience
Alan G. Sanfey
Decision-Making Dysfunctions in Psychiatry—Altered Homeostatic Processing?
Martin P. Paulus
Decision Theory: What “Should” the Nervous System Do?
Konrad Körding

Science 26 October 2007:

Vol. 318. no. 5850, pp. 598 - 602
DOI: 10.1126/science.1142996

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